Walking Alone


Some walks you have to take alone

I have spent the last few days writing about small steps in the right direction and how this concept can take  us far- but what do we do when someone we are attached to refuses to move their lives in the right direction? Do we hang back and wait for them, effectively stopping forward movement in our own lives? Do we exert brute force and try to drag them along with us? Or do we just move forward in our own lives and leave them behind?

The first thing to always remember, is that the sense of ‘togetherness’ we share with others- is nothing but a smoke screen. It makes no difference if it is a parent/child relationship, a best friend, or a twin flame.  Regardless of how closely we huddle next to someone in this world, we are all individual entities on separate journeys. As the saying goes- we can walk the path with someone, but we can never walk it for them.

If we find ourselves entwined with someone who does not want to keep growing as a person, sometimes the most compassionate thing we can do is to let them feel the natural temperature drop that occurs when they do not stoke their own inner flame. No one likes to leave someone cold and alone, but if we spend all of our time trying to re-light someone else’s pilot light, we are bound to end up cold and alone someday, too.

We are best served when we work diligently at keeping our own pilot light brightly lit; those who are meant to share our world will find their way in the same direction- but they will have to use their own light to get there.

Some walks you have to take alone.

2 thoughts on “Walking Alone”

  1. Synchronicity !
    For the 100th I laid awake last night tossing and turning worrying about my 21 year old daughters well being. Thinking rethinking about how much I should interfere how far should I go Etc etc about her poor lifestyle choices. Last night I prayed to let go of the worry and asked God to help me. I am so tired of the worry. And this was my first email!!!
    Oh thank you. I will read this and re read this and paste it to my forehead while she is home
    From break. Because clearly I need to get this lesson before I loose my
    Mind xoxo

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