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“As a self taught wordsmith and self-published author I never began writing books as a business decision. I simply felt compelled to share in words the ways in which I saw the world around me unfold.

When ‘Will You Dance?’  was awarded a Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal, I felt blessed and lucky. As the years past and each book that I wrote followed this same trajectory- winning at least one literary award and sometimes multiple – I began to accept more fully what I had always known. My writing is guided by a source far beyond my own intellect. As I write, I learn- and as I share  my words with the world, the universe sends more sacred stories my way. It’s very much a symbiotic relationship.”

Annette Childs

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Soul Messengers: The True Story of a Mystic, a Guardian, and a Businessman

  • Is it possible that our loved ones can communicate after they die?
  • Are there ‘helpers’ on the other side who greet us at the time of death and help us to find our way, just as a trusted friend or family member would in this world?
  • Can our departed loved ones ‘check in’ on us, send us warnings, and perhaps even offer unsolicited advice?

Find answers to these questions and so much more—laughter, tears, joy—within the pages of this book that transcends the space between life and death.

Soul Messenger is a true story that details the miraculous after-life encounters that have been part of Dr. Annette Childs nearly 25-year career working with the dying and the grieving. Annette had always walked between worlds and this was why her work with those at the end of life had been such a natural fit. However, it was not until meeting the dying Margaret Borwhat that Dr. Childs would really begin to understand how real and how powerful our allies on the other side can be.

Shortly after Margaret’s death, she began sending a series of inexplicable and unsolicited After Death Communications (ADCs)  to her grieving (but non-believing) husband Don. Perplexed, intrigued, and not knowing what else to do, Don turned to Dr. Childs for help in understanding what was happening. The events that followed led Dr. Childs to write ‘Halfway Across the River’. With the writing of that book, both Don and Annette thought that their otherworldly connection with Margaret would begin to fade. Nothing could have been further from the truth. What did follow was a nearly five-year  long journey of continual ADCs. Soul Messengers picks up where Halfway Across the River left off. It takes the reader along on this shared journey between Don and Annette –a journey that left them both (and may just leave you) with no doubt that the Afterlife is a very real place, and that those who have seemingly left this world, are never very far away.

Winner: The Silver Nautilus Award.

halfway across the river

Halfway Across the River, published by the Wandering Feather Press, 2007, is a compilation of fascinating stories that detail Dr. Childs’s nearly twenty years of work with the dying. Centered around coffeehouse conversations between Dr. Childs and skeptical grieving widower Don Borwhat, Halfway Across the River chronicles the amazing afterlife encounter that turned Don’s world upside down and sent him on a journey of self transformation.

The book describes Don’s evolution  as he begins to expand his world view under the careful tutelage of Dr. Childs whom he has nicknamed  the Godwoman. With humor, uncommon insight, and a gift for storytelling, author Dr. Childs reaches into her years of bedside experiences to help Don find his way in the  expansive new world that befalls those who have experienced an afterlife encounter such as his.

Received  honorable mention, Best Non-Fiction Work, in the 2008 London Book Festival, was named a  finalist for the 2008 Eric Hoffer Excellence in literature award, and received the Benjamin Franklin Award for New Age Book of the Year by IBPA       ( formerly PMA). In 2009 it received the Silver Nautilus Award.

Will You Dance?

Will You Dance?, published by the Wandering Feather Press, 2002, a metaphoric story of loss, fear and life’s deepest challenges. 

Accompanied by exquisite original watercolors, Will You Dance? tells the story of three hooded beings, Change, Loss and Fear, who eventually pay a visit to each of us. A beautifully crafted metaphor, this work has become a well-loved companion to those seeking meaning during difficult life experiences. Winner of the 2002 Benjamin Franklin Award, the COVR award for Best Visionary Fiction, 2002 and Best New Age Book of the Year 2002.

© Dr. Annette Childs
© Lit From Within, Dr. Annette Childs

Lit from Within

Lit from Within published by the Wandering Feather Press, 2009 is a story that truly belongs to each of us- a story that begins on the day of our birth and follows us through to the quiet days at journey’s end.

This hardcover book is beautifully illustrated with the original artwork of visionary artist Ann Rothan. Within these pages is the potent message that we each come here not just to exist, but to find our wings and spread our light. 

Winner: Benjamin Franklin Silver Medal

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