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Choosing Your Passenger

We have been trying to switch Internet providers, and I have lost count of how many conversations I have had …

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Crisis, Opportunity and YouTube

I never expected to be creating videos as a way to connect with my clients. But I also never expected …

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Mom and Daughter Q&A

  A few weeks ago my daughter Delaney asked me to take part in a ‘Q&A’ video for her Youtube …

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Meet Annete

At the tender age of 21 she began her work in the end of life field as a family counselor at a trauma center. Here she began to observe the nature of sudden and traumatic death, and began to hone her unique approach to helping families navigate this form of loss. In 1991, after receiving her Master’s Degree she moved into Hospice work and with the addition of her Doctorate degree in Psychology she eventually moved into a private psychotherapy practice where she has focused on family education related to illness, age, grief, and bereavement.

In her decades of direct service to the aging and those near the end of life, what Dr. Childs has found, is that there is often a natural transition point that emerges where the time for aggressive medical interventions has passed, and the desire for a more gentle path forward appears. Her life’s work has been to assist those who are seeking that gentle path, and to provide them with tools for the journey. Her books, her courses, and her popular Rx for the Soul blog are all reflections of her favorite mantra “I’ll hold the light. You Dig.”

Annette has been practicing her unique form of Soul Medicine for more than 25 years. As a multi-award winning author, clinician, and educator she has brought her message of growth and grace to students the world over. She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, is a Diplomat of the American Psychotherapy Association, and is a Fellow in Thanatology, Grief and Bereavement.

Dr. Childs realized her calling early in life. Raised in a multi-generational ranching family, at a young age she was impacted by the natural cycle of life and death that she observed all around her. From caring for aging and dying family members to witnessing the birth of new life in the animal stock- life, death, and the things that matter most became her passion.


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