Crisis, Opportunity and YouTube

I never expected to be creating videos as a way to connect with my clients. But I also never expected any of the things that have happened over the last year. I don’t think any of us have. The situations and places that we have all found ourselves in while learning how to navigate through a pandemic have been difficult for sure, but those difficulties also give us the option to grow and change as well.

With Crisis Comes Opportunity

One of the first things that I learned in my graduate program was that with crisis comes opportunity. And now as a seasoned clinician who has been at this work that I do for over 25 years, that first lesson about crisis and opportunity has proven itself to be one of the mainstays of not just my career but my life in general. 

So rather than ruminating about the fact that for the first time in decades, I do not have an office lease, I am focusing on something else. With the crisis of the pandemic has come the opportunity for me to take my healing practice from the standard sit-down-face-to-face-in-my-professional-office format to a sit-down-in-a-virtual-setting-and-connect-with-people-from-all-over-the-world format.

The necessity of closing my physical practice was the crisis—and the fact that this forced me to find another way to ‘see’ clients is the opportunity.

And voila… From this comes my new YouTube channel, a platform from which I will be offering “office hours —a time for me to be ‘in office’ with you and a time for you to come on in and sit with me for a while. I am certain that the places this can take us will surprise us both.

Connections and Our Life Map

I don’t think anyone reading this or watching my Youtube videos is here by accident. This trust in destiny is not a new concept. I have always believed that we live in a web of energy—like a giant cosmic dot to dot – and that once we connect with someone, that connection becomes a part of our life map. Whether we connect once and have one tiny string of energy that runs between us, or whether we connect a thousand times and that connection become like a thick steel cable—a connection is a connection. And whether that connection comes through reading a blog or social media post, a physical meeting, a phone call, or through Youtube– in the quantum web that we live in—it really makes no difference.

I learned this truth properly years ago when I had been researching a healing center that I hoped to someday visit. I had been watching YouTube video after Youtube video about the center and listening to testimonials for many months before I finally made the trek halfway across the world to visit in person. One of the testimonials I had seen several times came from a lovely man in a wheelchair who passionately championed the healing methods that had so changed his life.

On the day of my arrival, jet-lagged and bleary-eyed from an 11-hour flight, I stepped out of a taxi in front of the building I had seen only in videos. I was just getting my bearings when I saw a man across the street in a wheelchair who was furiously making his way toward me. I reflexively grabbed my purse and pulled it close to me, thinking that perhaps I was about to be robbed! The only thing he robbed me of was my own cynicism, because when he got to me he blurted out these words: “Thank you for following your heart and coming here. I’ve been waiting to meet you!” In response, I stammered out in confusion, “Oh my gosh, I have watched you in YouTube videos!” His face broke into a huge smile as he said, ” I know! I’ve been watching you back!”

I was stunned, to say the least.

My life has been full of energetic, interactive, bordering on the miraculous, experiences like this. Why? Well, it’s not because I am special or gifted. It’s simply because I constantly reach out to the interactive universe—and it always reaches back. It is a law of nature.

Learning to reach out to the interactive universe is a life skill I have been teaching my clients for the last 25 years, and decoding the symbolic language that is part of the relationship is the other life skill that is required.

So in the words of my sweet friend John, who met me with his heart long before we ever stood in the same zip code together… Thank you for following your heart and coming here to my, post, my blog, and/or my YouTube channel.

I’ve been waiting to meet you. And you can be sure that at the cosmic level, as you are connecting with me… I will be energetically reaching back in connection to you.

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