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A few weeks ago my daughter Delaney asked me to take part in a ‘Q&A’ video for her Youtube channel. She is an Instagram Influencer and had shared enough about her unconventional upbringing that her followers were curious to know more. It was such fun interacting with the amazing community she has created, and I am so proud of and amazed by the force of good she is in this world.  Click on the photo above to watch the video and for those of you who prefer to read instead of watch, here’s a general overview of the questions Delaney’s viewers had and what we discussed.

*If you’re not into watching two super cute Millenials banter about life for a few minutes (the other cute Millenial is Clayton, my son-in-law of the heart (meaning all the love and commitment just no gold band) forward to 6:40 for the beginning of the Q&A.

New to Spirituality

Any best tactics for those who are new to spirituality and how to learn without being overwhelmed?

Begin where you are, and don’t head toward something that feels scary. We all have a starting place. What I have always found with my clients is that once they have a personal experience with what I call the interactive universe — which may mean God, angels, Allah, or any of the deities — people are hooked. Once you reach out to the interactive universe, it always reaches back. That’s a law of nature. It’s also a good idea to find someone who can help you reach out, because you do want to do that safely.

Delaney mentioned a new spirituality reading that I’m doing based on I-Ching, which is a thousands of years old oracle that is fascinating. It’s based on the concept that there are only so many ways that things can happen in this universe, which is a very comforting thought. Whatever we go through, whatever painful experience or trauma, there’s only so many ways that it can work out. When you start with I-Ching, it’s like seeing the map. You don’t know where you might go, but once you understand the places, it helps you realize that wherever you are right now isn’t a destination, it’s part of the journey — somewhere you stop in, you learn and then you evolve.

Another helpful tip is to go with what interests you. If you love nature, look to nature to lead you into your spirituality. If you love fashion and make up, know that colors have vibrations, different minerals have vibrations. Spirituality is everywhere.

We discussed some helpful books, including Many Lives, Many Masters and Women Who Run with Wolves. 

Guarding Your Spirituality

The truth is that we don’t always have to share our spirituality with everyone. It’s a very sacred part of our lives and if we share it with the wrong people, it can be shamed or demeaned and that can be really damaging.

One of the most important things I learned in studying quantum theory is that power of being with your tribe, or people who vibrate similarly to you. If we want to be bigger and stronger against forces that might not be for our highest good, it’s hard to do that alone.

Laney latched on to my description of “energy vampires,” and asked for advice for identifying this and how we can distance ourselves or set boundaries.

An energy vampire can be people we live with, people we love, who love us. We feel tired, we feel confused, we just don’t feel good physically, emotionally or spiritually after we’ve been with them. And most of the time, it’s not conscious — 99% of the time, people don’t know they’re doing it. 

One of the things I’ve always used is a really simple visualization of a four sided pyramid of light. I’ll do it with my eyes open, I’ll just envision a triangle of white light in front, behind, next to, and beneath me. Before I walk through a hospital, nursing home, graveyard, anywhere that I know there’s a lot of spiritual energy, I’ll just put that around me and I’ll give the intention that any energy that isn’t for my highest good must reflect off of this. Any energy that is benevolent and willing to give and receive white light from me is allowed in my space. Just the intention of that… in quantum physics, they do studies on the power of just simple intention. It’s mind boggling how powerful that is.

Advice for Heartbreak

Let yourself feel it, as much as we don’t want to, as much as society will look at us as weak. Let yourself be in it. It doesn’t mean you’re going to stay there forever. It’s like being taken up or taken down on a wave. Let it take you where it’s going to take you, and trust. If you’re able to do that, it’s not just about the break up. The universe is always watching us, if we learn how to just go with that, we’ll realize that at some point it’s going to peak. Nothing can sustain itself forever. The nature of the universe is change, so when you get to that point, it has to end. And the same thing goes for the best moment of your life. It’s going to end. The less we resist that, the easier it is. Those are the kinds of things that makes me say spirituality is everywhere, teachers are everywhere. So when you’re going up that wave of pain, try to remember, I am giving birth to the brand new me or my brand new life, whatever is behind me is gone, but there’s something waiting up ahead. The more I can relax and just go with the wave, the more graceful I can be and the easier it will be.

Don’t feel punished. Hard things don’t happen to us because we did something wrong. They happen to us because we came here to be human beings and to learn. Every hard thing we go through transforms us into someone different and better.

Building a Tribe

Building a tribe means finding your people and making their presence around you a “spiritual home.” When I say find your people, I mean to seek out those who allow you to resonate higher- who allow you to be bigger, and more. Our people are sometimes not the ones we live with or are related to… and one of the real beauties of the cyber world is that we can find our people even when they are not in our geographic  vicinity. 

I have started a YouTube channel where I will be sharing more info just like this on a regular basis. We will be exploring all types of spirituality, the intuitive arts, vibrational medicine, stone and crystals, and all things life after death. You can subscribe here, and I hope you’ll join me.

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  1. How wonderful to see you and your daughter together sharing thoughts and connections. Laney looks very much like you and speaks like you too. Thanks for sharing this as it has been a reminder for me of where I have been out of touch in my life and how I can return to what I know as my own truth. This video has filled my spiritual soul and I thank you!

  2. Hi Annette,
    It’s so cool to see you and Laney talking about spirituality! I always felt that you two were so confident and nice growing up, and I think your spiritual nature plays a part to that. I related when you mentioned getting a phd almost as a cover up for your mediumship. It’s hard to explain the spiritual side of us human beings, but you do a great job! Thanks for sharing the blogs and vlogs!

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