Early Growth 2021

In case you don’t want to (or can’t) watch the video, below is a transcript of the words.

Hi, this is Dr. Annette Childs and thanks for joining me here today at Rx for the Soul. I’m spending the afternoon out in my backyard and if you look around me, you’ll see that it isn’t a real pretty time back here. What you mostly see are bare branches and shades of brown. Not a whole lot of green, and not a whole lot of color.

That’s what early growth looks like, and when you and I are leaving behind where we’ve been and pushing through to a new place in our lives, we feel an awful lot like these dry branches. We feel exposed and we’re not always sure anything good is even happening. 

Early growth isn’t an easy time. But it’s a necessary time. And it’s so important to remember that this part, this bare branch, not so fun, not so pretty part, we’ve got to do that if we’re going to get to that place where we get to bloom. Because none of us came here in full bloom. And we didn’t come here to be perfect, and we didn’t come here to be pretty all the time. We came here to grow. And that means, just like these plants and these flowers, we’re going to have spend some time in the dirt. In the dark. The place where we incubate and we push through. And once we can push through and find the light, well, it’s still not always easy and it’s still usually not a real pretty time. But it’s early growth, and we’ve got to get through that part if we want to get to this part. 

We’ll bloom. We’ll all bloom. And after we bloom, just like these tulips, that bloom will start to fade and we’ll have to start all over again. Don’t let that discourage you. Let it motivate you. Because it’s what we came here to do. We came here to grow. And early growth is part of that. Mother Nature does a beautiful job of reaching that lesson. Thanks for being here with me today at Rx for the Soul and I hope you’ll meet me again here very soon.

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