Finding Time for Happy


Always find time for the things that make you feel happy.

 Yesterday’s blog was this simple To Do List- ‘Take small steps in the right direction’

I hope some readers found making a check on that list as attainable as I did.

In our family, the premier day of 2016 was full of little things that went right. Fresh out of the shoot, we got an extra two hours of morning quiet…because we let our 8-year-old son stay up later than usual Thursday night, he slept in until almost 8:30 yesterday. This is unheard of in our home. For the length of his life he has been up by 6am daily and is always running at full tilt by 6:30. For my hubby and I, beginning the day with a few extra hours of time together was a great way to tip off the year.

Speaking of hubby, he spent the first part of the day cleaning our garage- a task he has been eyeing since our move in October but has not had the time for. While he cleaned Ajay and I had a two-hour long marathon session of card games- each of which he beat me at squarely.  By mid afternoon we were all huddled under a warm blanket together on the couch watching our favorite college football team win the Rose Bowl (Go Stanford!)

Some of the ‘Big Wish’ items I am holding loosely to for this new year include having more of these three things: Peace, Joy, and Time. Although from an outsider’s perspective our day of playing Crazy 8’s, sweeping the garage, and cheering on a football team may have looked agonizingly mundane, to me,  it was utter perfection.

The Universe delivered every single ‘Big Wish’ item that I asked for- in a small and simple way. Its a reminder of how flawless the system is, when we are able to stay out of the way and receive.

 Always find time for the things that make you feel happy.