Built From It

‘Some women are lost to the fire. Some women are built from it.

I have this really cool relationship with my Pinterest Board. Each day as I sit down to write the daily Rx I usually have a general sense of lost what I will write about, and I typically hop on my Pinterest page to look for a quote. I follow nearly 200 different boards that are nothing but quotes so there is always a vast array of wise words awaiting me.

It never ceases to amaze me how often one of the very first quotes on my board will reflect whatever it is I am planning to write about. The synchronicity of it is undeniable to me. Today’s quote is a perfect example of this.

During my usual early Sunday morning grocery trek, I ran into a dear friend from childhood. She and I have been rubbing shoulders since we were tiny and our extended families have been long time friends. She shared the news with me that her mother is ill and facing a serious health challenge. I teared up as she told me what life had been like for her family and how much strength her mom had shown. I walked away thinking of what a devoted daughter my friend is- and will continue to be.

Later in the day, Ajay and I had a play date with a family that has spent the last few months grappling with a sudden onset illness in their child. Once more I became misty eyed as I heard this mom recount how this crisis had turned their world upside down and how she was working to put it upright again. I left the play date amazed at this mom’s fortitude and resolve.

These women and their stories touched me deeply- one about a daughter with an ailing mother, and the other about a mother with an ailing daughter. Two ‘women’ and two ‘girls’…

As I sat down to pen the day’s Rx I wasn’t sure what I might say- and then my Pinterest Board spoke- and I knew that I would write about all four of them- these women I know who are being built from the fire <3