The Universe’s Lab

‘Relationship’s are the Holy Spirit’s laboratories in which He brings together people who have the maximal opportunity for mutual growth.’  Marianne Williamson

Today’s quote is from one of my favorite teachers, Marianne Williamson. She teaches from a philosophy known as A Course in Miracles (ACIM), and the premise of these teachings is that ‘only love is real.’  Everything other than love that we give out or experience- is just a teaching tool- to help us to turn back toward love.

ACIM teachings are particularly potent when trying to make sense of the senseless acts of others. Whenever we have been hurt by someone, or have witnessed someone hurting the ones that we love, as soon as we allow ourselves to consider that the hurtful actions are intentional, we enter the ring. Details and facts don’t matter- as soon as our ego-self squares its shoulders to go against someone else, we are in a battle we can never win. Sure, we can bluff all we want to- we can parade around the ring with our gloves raised like champions- but the victories are hollow and the repercussions are certain.

Hollow victories are not worth the energy it takes to create them, and this is why I love, love, love Marianne Williamson’s reframe. As soon as we can shift our stance from ‘attack’ to ‘observe,’ everything looks different. Thoughts of blame and anger evaporate while a fine mist of growth and opportunity suddenly begins to rise. That mist sends our rigid little ego-selves scampering toward the corner where all ego selves belong. (Be warned, those ego selves do not always stay in the corner where we put them- true growth is often a long series of square offs and send backs that take place, until finally our lesson is learned and we can take our growth and move on.)

Today, try seeing the difficult and hurtful relationships in your life differently. See them as purposeful concoctions that have been mixed in the universe’s lab, an inspired blend of light and dark, that has been placed in a test tube labeled: ‘Maximal Opportunity for Growth.’