Life whispers…. listen closely

Yesterday big brother and little brother spent some time together. Boys will be boys and at one point they were yelling at one another while they wrestled. Well, moms will be moms too…so of course I taught them not to yell by yelling at them to stop yelling 🙂

After my smiling reprimand things did get quiet…. too quiet- so after a few minutes I peeked around the corner to check on them.

What I saw melted my heart. My two boys were just being brothers together… talking quietly. The whispers were priceless, but it was the physical connection between them that warmed me to my core. Little brother had both of his hands wrapped tightly around big brother’s paw… It brought me back to the memory of the day little brother was born. Big brother was unsure of what to do with the wrinkly little being we placed gingerly into his arms. So he put his finger out, … and then, just like now, a little hand wrapped around that bigger hand.

Watching them then and watching them now, there is  no doubt in my mind, they were meant to be….Brothers through and through.

Life is full of simple moments that can fill us up – we just have to be willing to drink them in. Don’t wait for the big ticket items to give your attention to….. let the small ordinary moments take your breath away.

Life whispers…. learn to listen closely.

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    1. I am sure your life with your two boys has been filled with these same kinds of moments Amy. I am so grateful that all three of our children are not just siblings but also friends. Blessed beyond measure <3

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