Energy Flows


Energy Flows where attention goes…

For the last nine weeks I have been immersed in an Rx for the Soul book club. We have been reading a book called E squared which has required the completion of nine weekly ‘energy experiments.’ On Wednesday afternoon, I began the ninth and final of these experiments. Author Pam Grout calls this experiment ‘The Loaves and Fishes’ principle and it is designed to illustrate that the universe is limitless, abundant, and strangely accommodating. This experiment is designed to illustrate that that which we put our attention toward, is what will expand in our world.

Well as regular Rx for the Soul readers have heard me say before, when it comes to the energy dynamics that get expressed ever so clearly in my own life, the universe is not only strangely accommodating, but it is ever so humorous as well. The results I got with this energy experiment continue to affirm that whoever my heavenly band of helpers are, they certainly do not balk at enjoying a good belly laugh at my expense.

So this ‘fishes and loaves’ multiplying experiment required for me to notice for a 48 hour period, that what I focus on in my world, magically expands… well I focused, and sure enough… what I focused on expanded….

Let me explain….

Wednesday afternoon was when I began the experiment. A few hours into the 48-hour period, my 24-year-old son called me to tell me about his first day in his Developmental Biology class. He and I had a nice long detailed conversation about what he had learned about the reproductive process of the common fruit fly. While we talked, I mused out loud ‘I wonder how small a newborn fly is?’

Of course as my words floated up into the ethers I had no idea whatsoever that as I was engaging in what I thought was innocent conversation with my son, that the universe was pulling levers and pushing buttons on some ethereal switchboard in the ‘magnetic law of attraction’ section of the cosmos.

Fast forward to yesterday morning…. thirty-some hours into my 48-hour energy experiment. I had just retrieved a travel mug from my car that had held the prior morning’s coffee. I walked to the kitchen sink with it and removed the lid so that I could wash it. As the lid came off a small black cloud of something rose out of the cup…. At first I was confused, it seemed like a puff of smoke…. It took only a moment to begin tracking the tiny black swarm that was suddenly EVERYWHERE.

Well, I think it is safe to assume that somewhere on the cosmic horizon, bells and whistles must have gone off like I had just hit the mother lode jackpot of the universe. I knew in an instant that I had manifested seeing ‘baby flies’ clear as clear could be. And just as author Pam Grout had promised…. The fishes and loaves of my thoughts had expanded and expanded…and expanded (ugh!) I could just imagine my celestial guidance crew high fiving one another while they fell over in laughter… exclaiming, “Does she NEVER learn?”

I called my son and told him about my energy experiment and what I had managed to manifest, and we laughed hard together. We also decided that we should have been talking about winning the lottery instead of breeding flies….

As always it was a great lesson- and the whole debacle ended up being a true family science experiment of the best kind anyway. My daughter came to the rescue with her astute knowledge that the way to rid yourself of baby flies is to place a jar of apple cider vinegar out and put saran wrap over it. You then use a toothpick to poke holes in the saran wrap and the tiny flies crawl in, but cannot crawl out. Her suggestion worked like a charm and by days end I had many dozens of the little devils floating belly up in vinegar. (If you look closely at today’s graphic, you can see a picture of this very thing…)

Even though I hated having a house full of flies, I love the fact that the universe continues to prove to me that it IS limitless, abundant, and strangely accommodating…. And that what we focus on, is what we draw forth…

Yes, it is true…energy flows where attention goes…sometimes is even flies 🙂