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‘Self care is never a selfish act- it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer others.’ Parker Palmer

Writing the Daily Rx and documenting the Interactive Universe as it shows up in my world is one of my greatest joys. I try to make my daily posts universal enough that they can offer lessons to all who may read them.

The last two weeks of life has made my generalist approach a little more difficult. As you know, we have faced some serious health challenges with our youngest child and although he is now home from the hospital and healing, the road forward is going to be a complicated one. The Interactive Universe is keeping its conversations with me pretty specific these days… and most of what I am learning is too personal to be able to share in a useable way with readers right now. On top of this, the extra energy I used to use at the end of my day to write my beloved Rx’s is now being used to fax medical records, argue with insurance companies, and set up appointments with specialists…. None of which leaves me feeling particularly enlightened. Our son will do well, of this I have no doubt, but it will take a very concentrated effort on my part to help navigate us through a medical system that is complex and often less than willing to be helpful.

In an effort to take care of both my son and myself, I am going to be doing some Rx re-runs for the next few weeks. As soon as time frees up a bit, I will be back at it in real time. In the meantime, keep your conversation with the Universe going…. the Interactive Universe is always there listening and responding to all of us… my hiatus is just a chance for you to take some field notes of your own. <3

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  1. Rest assured Annette, we sent out the healing for you last night. (circle night.)
    Bless Ajay and hope he will recover very soon.
    Love from the Stewart Alexander circle XX

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