Growth on Our Own

‘You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was.’ Old Irish Saying

Each afternoon when I sit down to pen the next day’s Rx a little thrill runs through me. I never have a plan or a pre selected topic. I generally let the universe show me where to go and I just follow along. Life is so inspiring- and attending deeply to the small moments of my day, always allows the big picture to emerge.

Today I chose the topic of growth because of a question one of my client’s asked me. She was asking if I had arrived here to this world with my symbolic vision in full bloom, or if it was something I had learned. I was a bit stymied to answer succinctly. I did arrive here with an odd far off vision intact within me, and I always saw the big answers in the small moments of life. But graced with a tendency for far vision or not, growth is something I strive toward every single day. The ordinary moments of life are my teachers and they just line up one after the other with their lesson plans every single day…. and I take notes.

So based on my client’s question I typed ‘growth’ into the computer search bar, and today’s quote was the first one to catch my eye. It made me smile and nod in agreement. Indeed, it does not matter how tall my grandfather was…. my growth is up to me to stretch toward. I love this thought- and I love that I can stretch forward and grab a quote and let words pull me to a higher place.  I hope they pull you to a higher place also…because, after all,  that is why we meet here each day at Rx for the Soul.


This daily  medicine for the soul…. the leaps it offers may be small…. but they are consistent. And one small stretch at a time we will all grow into the big shoes that the universe has left vacant for us to fill. Because truly, no one else can.