Planting Seeds

‘Judge each day not by the harvest that you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.’ Robert Louis Stevenson

I was raised on a ranch, and even though my life now has few elements of the rural roots that shaped me, I still carry the wisdom of today’s quote deep within me.

A harvest can only take place after a seed has been planted, nurtured, and painstakingly cultivated into the world.  The harvest is the pay off…. But the rest of the growth cycle is the part we really need to invest in.

My husband and I are in the process of building a new home right now. It has been something we have dreamed of and visualized for many years. Last week they broke ground on our property, and this week a cement foundation will be poured. Over the weekend we went out to our land and did a home blessing.  In the ground that will support each room of our home, I placed small items of meaning.

In each bedroom I placed a small pewter heart- to me it is a symbol of love and connection. In the kitchen and each area where growth will happen (office, homework area, etc.) I placed tiny pewter acorns; they symbolize the potential of the future.

At the front entryway I placed a stone that had been blessed by a healer that I have worked extensively with and have an abiding faith in; it symbolizes protection and an invitation for all that is good to feel welcome in our home.

I planted my seeds. Knowing that these intention filled items will forever rest in the foundation of our home brings me a sense of trust and wonder in the future. I have planted the seeds for a happy life for our family, and I absolutely trust that the benevolent universe got right to work.

My crops may be different than those that my forefathers planted, but the process is all the same. Plant the seeds, nurture, cultivate, be patient, and the harvest will come.

What is it that you hope to grow in the future? Plant your first seed by leaving a comment below… Let the energy here at Rx for the Soul carry your seed into the universe; the ground is fertile, all you need to do is let go …

6 thoughts on “Planting Seeds”

  1. I am planting the seed for a new career and life path after 24 years at the same job and after 2 failed marriages. I need to find out who I really am and not who I need to be for others.

  2. I just received my Passion flower seeds & two baby Passion flower plants. My goal is to make a flower essence from theses as they mature & flower. The Passion flower represents healing to me & continuing moving forward. After many years of wanting to explore essential oils I having taken the leap & started using them. They are truly a gift of the earth. I am where I should be because I am planting my seeds! One seed leads to another & I am receiving such happiness from all of this!

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