There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.’ Rumi

When I try to explain to people how it feels when I receive an after death communication words often fail me. I often try to explain it by saying that I can feel the ‘mind’ of the deceased person pushing against my mind. When ‘the push’ happens it results in images, words, and sensations. It is very subtle, very hard to explain, but also very undeniable.

This tragic but beautiful article is, I believe, an example of four police officers who unwittingly experienced this same ‘push’ from the other side. They cannot explain what they heard, or how they heard it, but all four of them agree that they heard a woman’s voice asking for help. The only woman there had been gone for hours…. but her child needed help.

Read the article…it will leave you feeling ‘swirly’ as a dear friend of mine likes to say.


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