Never Mistake . . .

‘Don’t ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, and my kindness for weakness.’

I am a big fan of taking the high road. It is one of my deepest beliefs that when we are confronted by another person’s bad behavior or hurtful words, silence and contemplation are usually the best response.

Yesterday my high road crumbled…. And as that well traveled pathway gave out, it pretty well buried someone in a swift, even, and very composed landslide of words.

My offender is someone who has been dancing around me with bad behavior for a while now.  Her antics have been wholly unprovoked on my part and absolutely inappropriate by even the most archaic of social standards. In the past, I have met her verbal jabs with graceful silence and quickly excused myself from her presence.  Apparently she assumed that my past restraint was going to extend forward into the future. She Was Wrong.


The high road is always the best road, but if there is someone in your life whose behavior causes you to continually have to reinforce your high road… Eventually the only thing that will put an end to their behavior is to let that high road tumble down.  When it happens, walk away from the landslide with your head held high, because the dirt that buries them – is always their own.

…And after the dust settles, remind yourself that there are no good guys or bad guys…. there are just teachers and lessons.

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