“Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.” – C.S. Lewis

Yesterday I got to spend the morning with an amazing group of women who were all part of a group-healing event that took place late last year. In October of 2014 there were 10 of us who made the long trek from West Coast to East Coast, to spend three days in the presence of the Brazilian healer known as ‘John of God.’  As is customary when working with this healer, prior to your time with him, you are asked to put your healing request into the form of a written petition.

Jotting down your heart’s desire in petition form sounds easy, almost dreamy, huh? Asking for a miracle is harder than you would think. Really, it is.  To help in the clarity finding process, as the event approached, I began holding group meetings at my office. These meetings were designed to help us hone our thoughts around what it was we were each willing to ask of the benevolent universe. As we bonded and shared, we came to learn one another’s stories… and by the time the event took place, we all had at least a working knowledge of what ‘miracle’ we each were seeking.

Well, the healing event came and went and we have met a handful of times since then.  It has been astonishing to me, to watch how transformation has moved through us as a group. We have ebbed and flowed in time with one another. It has left me with the very strong impression that miracle making is a process…. A messy, but sequential process that involves breaking down, cleaning up, and putting together anew.  As a group all 10 of us mirrored this process to one another in a way that suggested we were all on the very same trajectory …. there was clearly nothing random about what we were experiencing- we all agreed on this fact.

And do you know that right now…5 months after having petitioned for our miracles.. every single person who sat at that table yesterday was able to say without hesitation that her miracle had been received. Not kind of. Not sort of… In its entirety. And it’s not exactly a small footnote to add that not one of us received our miracle in the way we had expected….we had all been forced to shift our vision to the small letters today’s quote describes.

As the group meeting ended there was laughter and a few tears shed, as we all agreed that this business of transformation… there is nothing slick or carefree about it. Soul growth is hard work. It does not come the way we expect, and it does not come easy…… but if we ask for it, it does come.

 Soul growth is messy- but oh, what a beautiful mess…

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