Letter of Intent Writing for Dummies

What you allow is what will continue


Well, based on feedback received from yesterday’s post, it appears that there are quite a few Rx for the Soul readers that are ready to don their own cap and gown come December 31st.  More than one reader contacted me and wanted guidelines on how to draft a ‘Letter of Intent’ to the Universe. Admittedly I am no expert on this topic, but I can share with you what helped me to draft my own letter.

As I confessed yesterday, 2015 has been a wild ride- and not one I have liked a whole lot. Yet when I sat down and got very honest with myself, I  had to admit that even though I have not enjoyed it, I have never been adamant- inwardly or outwardly- that ‘THINGS MUST CHANGE!’ Instead, the more schitt the Universe heaped on my plate, the more my snarky little spiritual self dug her heels in and said, ‘…Fine Universe. Bring it! I’m  a big girl and I will keep doing my work, just watch!!!’

And work I did- and the more I worked, the more the schitt piled up… At one point very recently I even remarked out loud to my bestie that I felt a certain sense of spiritual pride in myself, for keeping the faith despite all the difficulties that have come my way as of late.

And therein was my lesson- I think I had begun to partake in a negative feedback loop where I was welcoming in misfortune, just so I could prove to myself that my faith would not wane in the face of hardship.  With this realization there was nothing that I could do but climb down off of my little cross, wipe the artificial blood stains off my palms, and begin drafting that Letter of Intent to the Universe.

So if you are wanting to draft your own Letter of Intent- I suggest that you begin doing some soul searching. Try to figure out where in your life you have perhaps created a negative feedback loop for yourself. Negative feedback loops are powerful and tricky little things- and they usually involve something that we say we no longer want, but subconsciously struggle to let go of.

Some of the things that you can take a deeper look at that might help you write your Letter of Intent are:

  •  Look at the patterns in your life. What kinds of things tend to repeat for you? Is the pattern new (2015) or is it more pervasive?
  •  What is the subconscious pay off for repeating this pattern? Even though you don’t ‘like’ the pattern, what do you get from repeating it?  (Example, my pay off was feeling proud of myself for ‘keeping my faith’ despite what went wrong in my life.)
  •  When you picture this pattern going away, what do you feel? Excited? Nervous? Happy? Scared?  If the emotion you have is anything less than 100% positive, dig into the ‘why’ beneath this. Is the hold back due to lack of self worth? A fear of success? Guilt about having abundance?

In order to let go of a pattern we have held, we really have to get real about what pay off that pattern has brought to our life.  We would never have let the pattern persist if we did not derive SOMETHING from it.

I suppose at this point, despite the title of my post, you are realizing that Letter of Intent writing is not for dummies. Indeed, seeing the part we play in our own difficulties requires a wisdom that is acquired only through a commitment to growth.

So… there you have ‘em, my thoughts on ‘Letter of Intent’ writing-  but don’t just follow my lead, do your homework and make sure your letter reflects exactly what you need it to.  After all,  I am no expert on this topic- (said the woman whose palms are still stained from all that fake blood she thought was real…)


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