Invisible Ties

Invisible ties are the strongest

Going on with our lives after the loss of a loved one is one of the hardest things we ever have to do – and  being forced onto this path during childhood is especially difficult. In my many years of work in end of life care, I have worked closely with hundreds of children who have faced the loss of a beloved parent. Sometimes the momma in me has collided with the child in them in ways that seems to create an invisible bond- one that is surprisingly strong and enduring.

I can go long periods of time without hearing from a single child that I have worked with in the past, and then… out of the blue I will hear from one of them…. and then within hours, I will hear from another, and so on and so forth. None of them know one another, they have not been in a grief group together, and there is never any earthly explanation for why they happen to be contacting me during the same time period…. yet it is a consistent phenomenon I have noticed time and again through the years.

It has been one of those weeks… I have gotten several messages from bereaved children, kids I have had no recent contact with. Their messages have been quite similar- and their needs identical; to understand more about the invisible world.

I can’t help but wonder if there is not a parent’s group on the other side…. where angel parents gather together to send out something akin to a cosmic ‘group text message’ to their kids. I know, it sounds like a crazy theory but it is my way of understanding how I sometimes end up in the middle of these invisible strings- ( A spot, by the way, I would not trade for anything….)  What happened yesterday reminded me of something called a party line- a type of shared phone line that was common many decades ago. My grandparent’s had this type of phone line, and sometimes when you picked up their phone, you could hear the conversation of the family they shared their party line with…. Perhaps my getting those simultaneous messages from two bereaved children was just a glimpse at how ethereal party lines work….

Although I have no proof that my theory holds any water at all, I am pretty sure that there is a cosmic switchboard of sorts- and that messages can be routed all over the place when needed. And of course these other world connections do not just occur between parents and children-  these invisible strings can be pulled by anyone -and often are.

Holidays are an especially hard time for those who have lost a loved one- and when it comes to afterlife communications, where there is high need, there is easier access. Like the young people I heard from yesterday, many of us are likely to be feeling a little tug on the cosmic strings that exist between us and our loved ones on the other side.

When you feel that tug- be sure to tug back…. <3