‘If you cannot discover happiness, invent it.’ Tasnim Nathoo

Sometimes happiness is not looking for us…. but that doesn’t mean we can’t have it.  If happiness seems to hang out just out of your reach, pick up the pace and go catch it’s a**!

Remember, happiness is a renewable resource… it may not always sit on the surface, but if we are willing to dig down a little bit, its always right there waiting to bubble up.

4 thoughts on “Happiness”

  1. Annette, Thank you, thank you. My thoughts.
    There are so many things, I like about you, 
    I wonder where to begin,
    Sometimes it’s your warm and caring ways
    Or the smile that makes my day,
    Or the wonderful things you do for others
    In the big picture we are all sisters and brothers
    You may be far away in a distant land
    But you know our love you can command
    You know you will always be special to us 
    To receive your emails, gives us a buzz
    We know you stand out in a crowd
    But just to know you
    We are so proud.
    Love from June and Raymondo

    1. Raymondo-
      Thank you for that lovely message! I am so glad to know that you are on the path to healing and feeling better. I sent healing thoughts your way. Much love to you and June- And yes we may live in distant lands but our hearts will always be connected.

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