Will You Dance?



In 2002 I wrote my first book, “Will You Dance?”- a simple story about three hooded messengers named Change, Loss, and Fear who randomly arrive on the doorstep of our lives. It is a unique story that seems to either resonate deeply with people, or quite honestly, not resonate at all.

Through the years I have heard from many a reader who tell me that when they initially got the book, they were unable to appreciate the storyline at all…. And then, months or sometimes even years later an event arrived into their lives and suddenly they knew…. That the story told in ‘Will You Dance?’ was their story.

Yesterday I ran into one of those readers.  As I was pushing my grocery cart down the aisle of my favorite grocery store a woman approached me and I recognized her at once.  She had been a book buyer for a local store many years ago when ‘ Will You Dance?’ first came out.  She hugged me warmly and looked intently into my eyes.  ‘ I can’t believe I’m running into you…. I have been looking everywhere for my copy of ‘ Will You Dance?’ It’s my story now….

We spoke for a few minutes and indeed it was true, Change, Loss, and Fear had certainly found her. Over the past year she had lost her career, her home, and her marriage.   She used to order ‘Will You Dance?’  for other people ….  And then those visitors found her and suddenly the story belonged to her.

Will You Dance?’ tells that Universal story that none of us welcome, yet we all eventually live. As I hugged my old acquaintance goodbye, I reminded her to keep the door to her life ajar… because in this story, Change,Loss and Fear may be the front-runners…. But Destiny always has more visitors waiting in the wings to greet us.  She listened to my words and her face filled with a brilliant and beautiful smile-

…And as I turned to leave,  I could hear Hope, Faith, and Joy making their way up the walk….

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