Camping . . .


” Though destiny a hundred times waylays you, in the end it pitches a tent for you in Heaven.” Rumi

This is one of my very favorite quotes because it reminds us that regardless of how a circumstance may look or feel to us in the short run, in the end, the Universe has a bigger plan in mind… and it never makes mistakes.


This quote came into my mind after receiving a text message my ‘wife in-law’ sent me- a darling picture of her leaning up against my oldest child Sutter. It was a pic taken at her birthday gathering this past weekend. What the heck is a wife-in-law, you ask? Well in my world it is my ex-husband’s wife and my older children’s step mom.


Twenty years ago, if I knew the Universe was setting up this tent for me (a pic of my son with his step-mom,) I am pretty sure I would have screamed out in defiance and run in the other direction. That’s because twenty years ago – a broken marriage and someone else playing part time mother to my older kids was not something I wanted Destiny to be setting a tent for. Back then, I would have insisted that this was not how things were supposed to go.


Today, I am beyond blessed with the camping site Destiny chose. For a portion of my adult life, romantic relationships brought a lot of pain to my world… (likely because I was unwilling to accept that some relationships are only supposed to last for a season and I happen to prefer the forever kind.)


 I’ve learned that personal preferences don’t much matter when Destiny is choosing her camping spot – and that the accommodations in my life are indeed, much better, when Destiny does the planning.


This is  the secret to how I ended up with both the perfect life partner (my husband Brian) and the perfect wife-in-law, Annalisa


The whole reason I started writing this post was to wish her a happy birthday… so Happiest of birthdays to you Annalisa, my beautiful friend, wife- in-law, and bonus mama to our kids. I am grateful every single day for the tent Destiny set up for us… and I hope you have the best year ever.

” Though destiny a hundred times waylays you, in the end it pitches a tent for you in Heaven.” Rumi

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  1. Look at that handsome son of yours! Wow, how they grow.❤️ And what a beautiful story. I have a few memories of what those days 20 years ago were like for you and so I love seeing where destiny has led you. Without your willingness to be open to destiny’s path and a sprinkling of forgiveness, I imagine your story might have ended up quite differently. I will always admire you for your willingness to grow and trust.

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