Don’t Believe . . .

Don’t believe everything you think.’ Byron Katie•

Such simple wisdom here from Byron Katie – but don’t let simple fool you- instead let it teach you… •

I have been working on this lesson in my own life a lot lately•

I am a deep thinker – and this trait has always been both my burden and my blessing•

My deep thoughts can bring me to the heights of truly profound insights…but my deep thinking can also deliver me straight into the belly of the whale•

The most important thing I have learned (and forget and learn, and learn and forget  and on and on and on  ad nauseum) is that our destination never changes (Wisdom is always where time delivers us to) but the route we take to get to Wisdom is dictated by our thinking• •

 We can learn through pain or we can learn through Grace- and the path is often paved by the way we think••

Be thoughtful, think deeply, but stay awake and curious…. and don’t believe everything you think•

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