Take the Next Right

‘Just do the next right thing. One thing at a time, and this will take you all the way home.’

Doing what is ‘right’ is rarely accomplished in one fell swoop. Right behavior is almost always a series of small steps, taken in the correct direction. I love this quote because, like Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, it allows for a bit of ‘accident forgiveness’.

If we misstep one day, but proceed in the right direction the next, we can still make our way to right behavior. Of course the opposite holds just as true- if we stepped wrong yesterday, and we follow it up with another step to the left today… we will probably arrive exactly where we are heading.

When you have someone in your life who continues to do the wrong thing in increments, eventually they will arrive just where they are heading…. And you will have no choice but to leave them there…. and as difficult as this may be, where they are is really none of your business.

Just do the next right thing in your own life, and one right thing at a time …will take you all the way home.