In this Moment


In this moment there is plenty of time. In this moment, you are precisely as you should be. In this moment, there is infinite possibility.’ Victoria Moran

Jut reading today’s quote should help all of us to breathe in just a little more deeply.  Life and its many possibilities are continually in motion.  This is a concept that I whole heartedly believe. I have never believed that there is much that is solidly locked into place for any of us. Sure, there are life circumstances that endure- but they are almost always either because we subconsciously enable them, or because desire makes us purposely hold on tight to them. So, everything, always, is in a state of change either with or without our conscious assistance.

Today’s quote is a great reminder of a few things. The first reminder is to continue to cultivate the things that we DO want in our lives. Desire alone is not enough to sustain anything- we must energetically feed, water, and nurture that which is precious to us….

And as for those things we want that we have not yet been able to reach, there is always time to head in the direction we desire…. Because life never stands still- each day that we live is a dynamic living 24 hour period of energy…. and while today may not hold all that we want- it does hold the ability to allow us to take one more step toward all that we want.


Let today find you ready – and move in the direction of your dreams….