“A mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions.”    Sri da Avabhas

If I had to sum up a few of the things that I most deeply believe to be true- this concept would be in the top three. It’s the whole premise behind writing Rx for the Soul each day.

Every day, whatever quote, image, or musing is offered, it is kind of like yoga for the mind. Just a small stretch, a loosening of what may have become tight, and a tiny push toward more flexibility. The size of the stretch makes no difference, because once we have been stretched, we can never completely go back to who we were before, and over time the small stretches lead to the big knowings. I love this about our universe.

Every day is a chance to practice yoga for the mind- all this requires is living in a state of expectancy and repeating often to the universe, ‘show me!’ When we make this our daily practice, it does not take long to see that we have expanded into a whole new space, just from our willingness to reach…

2 thoughts on “Stretch”

  1. I love this idea! I feel like I’m finally, after 18 years, coming out of my single-tracked mind of parenting. Time allows or I’ve decided, as my oldest prepares to head off to college, that I need to rediscover myself a bit. This gentle concept, ‘yoga for the mind’- a little daily stretching, is a perfect place to start and probably the reason I wake up and grab for the iPad first thing to see what words of wisdom you have to offer up with my morning coffee. Thank you for all you have to offer! Let me know when you make these thoughts/quotes it into a book. I have a million friends I’d like to give it to. : )

    1. Thank you Amy- I am so happy to have you here and that we have re-connected. Yes, yoga for the mind is a nice way of looking at gradual but sustained growth. I have more things planned for Rx- including some interactive courses, educational videos, and YES- a book! Once I have a full year of quotes done, I will be publishing a ‘Daily Rx’ book… so stay tuned. xoxo

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