Seasons of Light – A Ritual

As an adult, I have always celebrated the seasons — deeply believing that each season offers a chance to let go of what was, and a fresh slate to welcome in what is yet to be. This year, and this winter, perhaps more than ever, so many of us are feeling ready to release what has been and move forward into a new future that I thought I would share the ritual that we do in our family.

Seasonal Ritual (Can be used for any season)

Supplies: Pen, small pieces of paper (notecard size is what we use – larger sizes of paper pose a greater fire risk and make more smoke, so smaller is better), matches, fireproof container (glass bowl or stainless steel pot is fine.) Have a lid or a damp towel nearby to place over the bowl after your paper has burned so that there are no sparks. Follow all fire precautions, and never do this in an unsafe or windy location.

On a piece of paper, each person should write down what they want to release and not carry forward on one side, and on the other side, write down what they want to welcome in to the new season. Never share what you have written — this is just between you and the universe.

If you are doing this ritual in a group, one person can read the prayer below before during or after the ceremony. You can also use your own prayer, or no prayer at all…

There really are no rules. Intention is what matters, so if you are in place where you are unable to burn your paper, tear it into little pieces and offer it up to the universe. You can bury it, put it away in a box, flush it, compost it — it really doesn’t matter.

The sincere desire to give up what no longer serves and welcome new energy in is the only requirement – everything else is optional.



I am a child of the universe-
Perfect whole and complete…

As a living part of this vast universe,
Today I honor the season of
(Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)

I honor the path I have walked in this season that is closing
I honor the lessons I have learned in the days that have passed.

I keep the lessons and experiences that have helped me to bear fruit in my life.
I give thanks for and release the experiences (and people) that have
dimmed my light and made my soul heavy.

I release what is done—
And I welcome all that is new—

At the start of this new season
I Call down the light
I ask the light to dwell within me-
I ask the light to radiate out into my life,
out into the world,
and out into the entire universe and cosmos…
blessing, healing, and illuminating all.

As the world moves forward into this new season
May all be fed, may all be healed, may all be loved.