A Prayer for the New Year

This video and prayer can be used with a New Year’s burning bowl ritual. 

The concept behind a burning bowl is letting go and welcoming in. The steps are simple – on one side of a piece of paper, write down all that you are letting go from the prior year. On the other side, write down all that you want to welcome in. I use flying prayer paper for this, but anything works.

I also prepare a small l container of water, in which I place flower petals, and I sprinkle the water around as a symbol of being baptized into the light of a new year. 

If you do not have the items for this ritual, saying this (or any) prayer with sincerity is enough. Sincerity is the key to any ritual – it’s never about the “tools” that you use, but rather the connection that you are making to the sacred.

A Prayer for the New Year

(Can be modified for daily or seasonal use)

Today as I set my intention for this new year, I ask that spirit –

by every name I call it…. 

Be present here with me now.

I ask that every guide, every ascended master, every being of light –

all who know my name and actively work for my good,

to be with me in this new year –

to help me to grow into the loving, conscious, kind, 

and joyful being that I am meant to be –

I call for beautiful golden roots of light, to emerge from the soles of my feet

 and to sink deeply into the sacred dirt beneath me…. 

keeping me stable, steady, grounded, and on my right and perfect path.

I ask that my crown chakra be opened,

and that the white light, wisdom, guidance, and protection 

of all the light bearers who know my name…. 

stream continually into my being –

helping me to see what I am meant to see, 

to hear what I am meant to hear, 

and to speak what I am meant to speak.

I ask that in this new year, 

the interactive Universe show itself to me

 in ways that are unexpected and delightful – 

and  in return I promise to acknowledge these meetings.

In this new year, 

may I be shown the path of grace 

and be given the guidance to take it.

© Dr. Annette Childs