Reincarnation two

any years ago I attended an International conference on the Afterlife Sciences. The speaker I really wanted to hear was sold out, so I was ‘forced’ to attend the only talk that still had availability. It was being given  by a prominent University of Virginia researcher who had a life time of data on reincarnation. His particular talk that day included a plethora of data on how birthmarks and birth defects, often match the autopsy reports of injuries to the individual that the subjects remembered being in their past life. The amount of objective data he showed supporting this was absolutely stunning. Prior to being ‘forced’ to attend this lecture I thought I had a pretty decent concept of reincarnation. I had always had a belief system that was inclusive of reincarnation, but I always felt like the soft proof of ‘past life memory’ was weak as far as offering hard evidence for the concept. That lecture offered some pretty hard evidence and I was immensely grateful that the universe ‘pushed’ me into a lecture I never would have attended on my own.

Even though today’s graphic is humorous it contains elements of truth as well. Research supports the notion that most past life memories are gone by the age of seven. It would seem that our innate knowledge starts to fade, as the voice and teachings of humankind get louder in our lives. Past life memories tend to be stronger and last farther into the lifespan  among children who are born into cultures where a beleif in reincarnation is strongly fostered. One small reminder of something we already know; treat the things our children