Malaysia Flight 370: Where Will it Take Us?

It seems that the more information that is given, the less we know about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370. At some point answers will come. They will arrive either on their own, or they will be fashioned from one of the theories that we use to create a story when we do not have one.

Regardless of what happens next, we are all asking ourselves how a 500,000 pound 250 foot long vessel carrying 239 people can vanish into thin air. Counter that question with this: The day before this disappearance of the Malaysia flight, I was watching a prime time news show that was doing an expose on a smart phone flashlight application that millions of people had downloaded. People installed this free app so that they could use their phone as a flashlight at night and avoid stubbing their toes on a dresser. Well, the app was successful not just in shedding light on their footpath, but also on their LIFE-PATH – all of it! The flashlight app had an unknown bonus feature; it was also a 24/7 tracking device that gathered information about where they went each day; which stores, restaurants, and gas stations they visited, how often they went, and how long they stayed.

I need to get this clear in my head. Someone (who is actually no-one) who is Anywhere (which is actually everywhere) can track us (which is you and me) when we run to the corner store – but those that we expect to track us and who we want to track us (such as air traffic controllers when we are on an overseas commercial airline flight) have no idea where we are, so much so that at one point, the search area for this flight was expanded to include a 35,000 square mile range? 35,000 miles.

This new knowledge flies in the face of what I ‘knew’ to be true last week (pun fully intended). Prior to three days ago, I had no idea that once a plane is more than 120 miles from land, it disappears from all radar screens everywhere. In MY KNOWN WORLD, every plane I have ever been on, has been a bright red blinking dot on a black screen that is being watched by an attentive, hopefully well-rested air traffic controller that is completely invested in my safety and continually aware of my location. Ha! Well, when it comes to airline flights, MY KNOWN WORLD has just plunged 35,0000 feet in a straight nosedive. I had no idea that a scant 120 mile radius is what sat between me and ‘them’ (‘them’ being those I expect to be watching me). Wow…. I am humbled and disturbed by my own ignorance about the ‘known world’. This is nicely buffered however, with my ignorance about the unknown world. This ignorance I welcome. Yes, I am a seeker and have likely ventured much farther into the unknown than many. I regularly digest information on things such as quantum realities, the non-existence of time, and parallel universes. The TV show 60 Minutes unnerves me with its answers, while the TV show ‘Through the Wormhole’, which explores quantum concepts that defy everything I have ever been taught, soothes me to no end. What I have learned time and again is that the farther I go, the less I know – this is my truth. When I view flight 370 with the eyes that see this truth – it actually is conceivable that a 500,000 pound, 250 foot long vessel carrying 239 people can vanish into thin air. I cannot tell you the ‘how’ of this, but my mind can land lightly on the possibility of it – and that is enough to give Hope and Meaning to my life, and allow me to assimilate miracles and mysteries into my world view.

When I try to comprehend the mystery of Malaysia Flight 370 from the limited eyesight offered by human knowledge, technology, and the mechanistic teachings that have become our ‘God’, I feel afraid. If I look at this mystery from the vantage point of that unknown world I believe in – it does not disturb me nearly as much. In my personal theater of truth human knowledge gives me a back row seat. I have just learned that you can only see 120 miles when you sit in the back row. Tickets to sit in the front row of the unknown world are free – you need only stretch yourself to get one… and with these seats you can see forever.

** Please consider saying this simple prayer for all who have been touched by this tragedy.**

“May all be Loved, May all be Fed (with knowledge), May all be Healed.”** Please consider saying this simple prayer for all who  have been touched by this tragedy.**

“May all be Loved, May all be Fed (with knowledge), May all be Healed.”