Pushing into Growth


We are all reflections of the whole- and our small lives reflect the changing of the seasons every bit as much as the earth does. With the onset of spring the world around us undergoes a new phase of transformation, and the wise among us will ride upon spring’s coat tails and allow transformation to begin in our lives as well.

Spring symbolizes a return to the light. During the winter months we tend to hibernate and become reflective and introspective. In terms of the seasons, winter is a time where seedlings lay deep beneath a cold earth….seemingly dormant, but in actuality full of life that has not yet organized itself to burst anew into the world. Spring is the beginning of the hard outer layer of that seed, opening up to reveal tender green shoots. These shoots have a ways to go through the dark dirt before they ever see the sunlight- but with the advent of spring they are on their way. I always consider the first days of spring to be my last days in the darkness of whatever it is I spent my time incubating during the winter months. Spring is about growth- and pushing past the dark to find it.

I am a big fan of using ritual and symbol and I always employ both when the seasons change. on the night of a season change I write down all of the things that I am letting go of and choosing consciously to not carry into the new season. I follow this by writing down the things that I am choosing to consciously invite into my life in the new season. (There is something about writing things down, that lets the universe know you really mean business). I finish by using one of several decks of symbolic cards that I have for this purpose. I randomly choose a card to symbolize what I most need to take notice of and be aware of for the coming season. This season I used a deck with animal totem symbols on them. My card for this spring was ‘Horse’- very fitting for the current phase of my life. Horse symbolizes freedom and power, and the ability to carry others to a destination faster than they would be able to walk on their own. There could not have been a better symbol for my life right now. My new endeavor here at Rx for the Soul has given me a freedom to interact with people in a way I have never had before. Secondly, my hopes and dreams for Rx for the Soul are that it becomes a vehicle to help others move forward in their spiritual growth without as much struggle as going it alone.

This ritual and the deeply meaningful message I was given, was the perfect way to begin this new season- it filled me with a true sense of gratitude for such clear and positive guidance. I would encourage you too, to take advantage of this new season and consciously interact with YOUR universe. Mine was listening when I asked for direction-yours will be too.

*If you do not have access to symbolic cards, there are many wonderful cell phone apps that can be used perfectly for this purpose. The universe doesn’t care if its in the form of an app- what matters is your intention.