The Sound of Hope


A few days ago when I first heard the news that suspected debris from Malaysia Flight 370 had been found in the Indian Ocean,  I became  quite emotional. My husband watched tears form in my eyes and looked perplexed at my strong reaction. Even I was surprised at how quickly emotion grabbed me and took my breath away. Today’s quote is one of my all time favorites and carries such a profound and deep truth. Hope is a quiet force– so quiet in fact, that we do not always realize that it is perched tenaciously right in the center of our hearts. I did not consciously realize how much weight that little feather helduntil a newscaster blew the word ‘debris’ at me… and my feather of hope tumbled up and out of my heart and into a cold world that had no shelter. The news on Flight 370 is once again becoming obscure, and that feather has settled back into its spot. But things are different now- the perch is smaller and I can hear the wind at the door. I am not going to listen to the wind. Instead I will listen to the tune without the words… that never stops at all.