Magical Things

‘The Universe is full of magical things, just waiting for our wits to grow stronger.’ Eden Philpotts

Yesterday was a sweet day of cosmic collisions. It turned out better than I expected considering that I fell asleep a little grumbly Thursday night, because I knew the next day would be one devoted  to paper work and running errands. Not my favorite way to spend time. But the day started off with an unexpected gift. A 4am text message from a business associate who lives on the East Coast ( hence the 4am my time, 7am his time text…)

I blogged about David last year- he is an unlikely friend that I met at a Funeral Industry trade show 14 years ago, and our paths have been inexplicably entwined ever since. Last year, he and his significant other, and Brian, and I, and Ajay all met up in San Diego- so that David and I could begin working on a project together that felt very much like a culmination of all I have worked for this far in my life.  At the time  of our meeting, both David and I had expectations of a smooth and expedient path forward…. But the Universe had other plans.

Within days after our first meeting, we both diverged onto paths that we could never have predicted. My divergence came when Ajay was unexpectedly accepted into a medical treatment program we had been on a waiting list for- great news, but news that would require the utmost time and commitment over the next year- and David’s divergence came when his mother became suddenly ill and had to be placed into an extended care facility, a circumstance that would of course, require the utmost time and commitment on his part.

It has been a year since we met in San Diego- and during that time our paths never came any where near one another- literally or symbolically. In our home, we had a year full of triumphs with Ajay’s health. David had a year of defeats with his mother. Ajay became bigger, and bolder, and healthier- and David’s mother dwindled, and faded, and struggled. Ajay ran head first into his future with more vibrancy than ever – David’s mother succumbed to her illness- and a few weeks ago she made her transition to the other side.

Yesterday David and I shared a long in-depth phone conversation. We talked about his loss, and his grief- and about how even though he has worked in the funeral industry for decades- this loss of his mother has fundamentally changed all that  he knows. And we talked about our project- and how his contribution to it will be informed by the wisdom he has now, that he did not just a year ago. We agreed that although grief and loss are thieves- they do leave magical treasures in their wake…for those who have the wits to see them.

And we both agreed that despite the carefully laid plans we made last year, the Universe clearly had its own timing. David made the comment that now that his mother had passed, he knew it was time to ‘change lanes’ and move once again in the direction of our business aspirations.I agreed with him that it did seem that a shift had taken place- for we had gained with Ajay over the last year, as much as he had lost with his mother…. And in our life as well, we had been given some magical gifts. Yes, it felt like it was safe to put the blinker on and begin to change lanes for us too.

David and I are still invested in this business idea… but  I think it has become quite clear now, that the timing is not up to us. We just need to remember, that it is enough, to know that we are indeed, traveling down the same cosmic highway….. and that when the  conditions are right, Fate will create a space where we both reach an off-ramp of opportunity at the same time….

I believe this with my whole heart….because this Universe really is full of magical things- just waiting for our wits to grow stronger.