‘And those who were seen dancing, were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.’ Friedrich Nietzche

Friday night we had a little BBQ to celebrate the homecoming of Sutter’s sweet girlfriend. She has just returned from a long 7 months away in Europe. Sutt met up with her there when her semester ended,  it was his ideal excuse for a month long European coming of age trip 🙂

All through dinner her and I were like schoolgirls whispering in the corner…. talking and laughing about the invisible dance of the universe- because we can both hear the music. Seven months had gone by… and although we had texted one another almost daily, it is almost impossible to capture musical notes in a text message- so there was much to share.

I am someone who, on a daily basis, interacts with the invisible every bit as much as I do the mundane. The symbolic language that I hear around me is a constant and worthy informant in my world all day- every day. There are lots of people in my world who tolerate (and lovingly appreciate) this oddity about me- but there are not too many who can also themselves hear the music. Elise can- and I have been able to witness her as she learns to decipher the different invisible melodies that waft around her in a day. Watching her open to the invisible is like watch a bud bloom into the sunlight. It truly touches me deeply to watch this young woman walk such a soulful path through the world – at the tender age of twenty one.

So Friday night a dance floor emerged on our back patio and no one was the wiser.  Ajay and a pal were furiously launching water balloons at each other, and everyone else was enjoying a perfectly charred steak dinner- and Elise and I were busy dancing to the invisible music of the universe. No one even noticed us spinning around together while the music played….

  I am so glad to have my dance partner back. Welcome home <3