Lend a Hand

‘We rise by lifting others.’ James Ingersoll

Some readers may have noticed I took a few days away from real time writing.  Getting settled into our new home has been a full time but very joyous job. Yesterday was a great reminder to me from the universe that I may be able to put my writing off for a few days, but the interactive universe continues to provide content even when I am on one of my self proclaimed vacays.

Back story time of course: On Friday my daughter (who has an awesome designer eye for things that her momma just doesn’t have) was helping me shop for some new furniture. So we hit a local favorite furniture store, and began milling about on our mother/daughter quest….

Back story to the back story: The day before this my daughter and I had been talking about her soon due application to graduate school. She needs several letters of reference from people in a specific field, and I was helping her to identify some people she might ask. As we looked for furniture, we ran smack dab into an old friend and colleague of mine. Although I have not seen this friend in quite some time, she is a fairly new convert to the Rx for the Soul tribe and she is still finding her way around the whole ‘There is just one of us here” philosophy that I am always referencing. (She is at that funny stage where she  keeps messaging me and telling me that she thinks I might be spying on her because my daily posts seem to mirror exactly what she is going through each day….)

This friend, Tammy, also happens to be an absolute super star in the exact field that Laney needs her reference letters from. Cha-ching!!  I knew the universe had delivered a little gift to my baby girl. As Laney and Tammy began chattering, I apologized to the sales guy for hijacking his customer. As Tammy turned away from him and toward my daughter as a mock introduction, she pointed to me and said to the salesman, ‘ You have to talk to this lady anyway, her blog is changing my life…’

So as Tammy and Laney fall into conversation, this young man  (who I will soon  know as James) fall into easy conversation. He asks what I blog about and I give the Cliff notes version to my interactive universe philosophy. His  eyes light up. He begins to tell me that life has delivered some blows his way and he is very open to new perspectives. As he turns fully toward me, I can suddenly see that his left arm is missing below the elbow. He shares with me that he lost it in a motorcycle accident when he was 19.  I end up talking with him about the energy body and Kirlian photography and how even though his arm physically may be gone, the energy body  of that limb will always remain intact. I then ask him if he wants to try an experiment that will demonstrate this fact, and to my delight he agrees.

So James takes a seat on the sofa next to us, and I throw my purse on the ground and kneel next to him. I ask him to uncross his legs, close his eyes and to just relax and stay open. While his eyes are closed I run my hands across the seemingly blank space below his left elbow. His eyes fly open and he says ‘I felt that! The hair on the back of my neck just stood up.’  We then spent a few more minutes interacting in the invisible. Although no one else in the world might believe it, we held hands. My physically present left hand, held his invisible but also very present left hand. I could feel it -and so could he. Sometimes if I am doing an intuitive reading for someone, I will ask to hold their hand because direct contact can help information come through. I used this same technique as I held James’ invisible left hand. As I did so, I got two very clear impressions. One was of a white car, and the other was the name Tamara. I asked if either of these things meant anything to him. He was stunned. The accident in which he lost his arm involved (but was not caused by) a woman in a white car. Her last name was Tamarson.

Of course while this was going on Tammy and my daughter had grown quiet and were watching us- Tammy was intrigued and I am sure Laney wanted to crawl under the nearest dining set….  But all said, it was a pretty cool day at the furniture store.

Laney got her reference letter, I got to see an old friend and meet a new one, and James not only got to have the hair on the back of his neck stand on end, but he also sold us a great hutch!

As we left the store, I was pondering the fact that my friend’s name is Tammy and the intuitive piece of information I received via James’ energy hand was the name Tamara. I wondered what the connection might be and then it hit me.

Before I share this information with you I want you to reflect on something I say often; that my cosmic guides are a real troop of cut ups, always intertwining the sacred with laugh out loud humor… Well, turns out they were on a roll Friday.

The name of Tammy’s company, the one I mentioned she is such a super star at…. a company that provides caregiving services to the elderly… It’s called…. Wait for it …. ‘Lend-a-Hand’ …

So here we were in the middle of a furniture store with James who supposedly has no hand- with me on my knees holding onto his energy hand- and we had been introduced to one another by Tammy who owns a company called ‘Lend-a- Hand.’

As the saying goes, you just can’t make this sh*t up…

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