Inner Compass

That thing we call intuition? It’s your soul talking. Listen.

How many times must we learn this truth in hindsight? I don’t know what your answer is to this question, but I know what my answer is. Lots.

I was re-schooled on this concept again recently, and I am hoping the universe does not decide to hold me back a grade….

Yep, my gut was saying  ‘no’ to something, and someone else convinced me to push ahead anyway. Aaargh!

My gut was right…. Nothing disastrous happened, the worst outcome has been my own frustration at having strayed from what I knew to be the right path.

As much as I hate these kinds of ‘told you so’s’ from the universe, they always bring me back to the knowing that my inner compass never steers me wrong. Wrong usually happens not because my compass was faulty, but instead because my resolve to follow it was weak. These days, this happens less and less in my life, and I appreciate and listen to my intuition more and more.

Wherever your inner compass is pointing today…. Go there!