“Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.” Tony Robbins

Commitment is a necessary ingredient for success, but commitment can sometimes create a secondary problem. When we become blindly committed to something, we become rigid and single minded. Blind commitment is dangerous… it may get us to our goal but it can leave a trail of destruction in its wake.

How do we commit ourselves to something in a way that serves our goal but does not lock us into a staid trajectory? We have to use the ‘F’  word… that’s right, FLEXIBILITY!

Imagine that reaching a goal is like waterskiing… The commitment comes when we hold tight to the rope… but the ability to continue the ride all the way to our destination comes from our ability to flex. It’s the give and take that allows us to stay balanced.

Commitment may be what pulls us up…. but it’s flexibility that allows us to stay that way.