Everything Teaches

‘Everything teaches, not everyone learns.’ Rachel Naomi Remen

There are lessons and teachers everywhere- and sometimes the Interactive Universe even provides a guest lecture we are not expecting.

This happened to me on Thursday. I had just (and I mean just) sent out my first Rx for the Soul email blog in over a year, when my doorbell rang. It was Fed Ex delivering a writing desk that I had ordered months ago… and had forgotten all about. The timing of these two things- writing the blog and the arrival of my new writing desk felt like a huge wink from the universe, so I was in full DSU mode (‘Dedicated Student of the Universe)  when I decided that the desk’s early morning arrival, and my lack of physical help present to assemble it, meant that I was supposed to put MY writing desk together all by MYSELF.

When it comes to my career I am a consummate ‘Do it My-Selfer’ in part because my vision and my creativity is such an inner process, I have a very hard time trying to explain it to anyone else who might be able to help me. So, this mind set often translates into other things that are work related such as putting together my own desk. ( I did this exact same thing prior to writing my first book ‘Will You Dance?’ – I put the desk I wrote in on together ‘all by myself.’ (Are you catching on to the stubborn two-year old toddler component of my personality yet?)

So… back to Thursday morning- when the desk arrived in perfect timing to my blog going out, I knew that the Interactive Universe had just entered into conversation with me- and because part of my new website platform (it will be live soon…) is sharing real time examples of the Interactive Universe with site members, I decided to prop up my IPhone and make a little video lesson out of my desk building adventure…. It was a great idea, but I clearly did not read the syllabus, because it turns out, my lesson had nothing at all to do with the Universe affirming that I was supposed to build that damn desk myself, instead my attention was being called to the fact that I could not do my work out in the writing world, if I did not have the strong and sturdy support of those around me in my personal world.

The Interactive Universe can be sneaky… but if we are willing to stay in class, the lesson plan is always, always for our higher good.

You can watch my silly video adventure here. and if you enjoy this kind of real time sharing, stay tuned for the membership link that will give you your own seat in the Interactive Universe classroom at Rx for the Soul.