Have you ever had a pattern in your life that follows you around like a stalker… no matter what you do to try and lose it, no matter how many swerve rights and quick jogs to the left you make- every corner you turn…there ‘IT’ is?? Ya, me too… and it can really fill me with angst on some days.

Angst aside, once I settle down and lace up my spiritual hiking boots (the ones that help me climb up to higher level thinking) my perspective always widens.

As a student of the Universe, I conceded long ago that this does not just happen to me- there are re-occurring patterns that show up in everyone’s lives…despite every stop gap measure we put into place to make life happen otherwise. We can call these patterns whatever we want to: karma, soul contracts, life path, etc. Whatever name we give these loops of repeating energy- when we are the proud owner of one of them, it is important to look hard and deep into what its place in our life is all about.

One of the recurring themes in my world- and this will (not) come as a shock to any long time Rx readers is what I (on an elevated day) call the Energy Flu and on a bad day call every four-letter word in the book…

First stage flu is always ‘device’ related. When my energy feathers get ruffled the electronic devices in my life go wonky. My cell phone screen will go black, my printer will refuse to print, my computer will freeze, lightbulbs will blow…. all in perfectly synchronized timing to when I am most in need of using said device. If I really want to cop an attitude I enter into stage two of the Energy Flu- and at this level the shenanigans will not stop at the simple malfunctioning of my devices. That’s right, if I want to play hard ball the Universe always shows me promptly that things CAN GET WORSE.

Yep, when I hit my bad attitude second stride ‘other’ things begin to happen. A good example of this was the day I was having a bout of the Energy Flu and while driving had a little snit at the driver behind me who was not allowing me to change lanes. ( Hahahah the nerve of him, right?!!) After sharing a frustrated hand gesture toward him (no middle finger was involved, I swear) he slowed and I was able to access the lane I needed. ( More likely wanted, more than needed given the mood I was in that day.) A moment later as I approached a red light, the hatchback on my car unlatched on its own and popped open. The fact that my hatch opened up on its own was perplexing, but as I pulled to a stop at that red light and the driver I had given the ‘gesture’ to a moment earlier kindly got out of his car and shut my hatch for me, the light was not the only thing that was red.

My Energy Flu always arrives in tandem to a piss poor mood I send out into the universe. ( Remember, I warned everyone there would be four letter words in the new and improved Rx for the Soul blog.) And after a few hours of the Energy Flu, if I choose to remain in a negative frame of mind- what began as simple energy glitches always evolves into full on objective truly painful karmic lessons.

I am not sure if my Energy Flu is karmic, magnetic, destined, or past life residue – but I know it is a pattern that is mine to wrestle with. On my ‘Energetic Flu’ days the only nourishment I get from the Universe is a giant slice of humble pie- but you know what? That humble pie has filled my spiritual belly and helped me to grow and learn. I have learned that I did not come here to have snits and to be unkind- even when my bad behavior is ‘justified’ by the goings on in this world- the karmic boomerang that hits me in the head is never worth it- the cosmic whack on the side of the head is something I experience far less than I used to, but on the days when I have earned it, the Universe never holds back.

What karmic loop do you find repeating itself in your life? Share your thoughts in the comments below