The Pull of the Mood

Your mood should not dictate your manners.

This quote made me feel a little sheepish when I read it. How often do we use the crutch of a bad mood to act in ways that go against our higher nature?  I know in my own life, if the groundwork for a bad mood has been set, there are three places that I am most likely to lose my manners:

  •  Driving
  •  Waiting in line
  •  And the most dangerous place of all, in the comfort of my own home with those who I love and trust.


Like it or not, we all have moods that come and go like the tide. Thinking of our moods in this way can be very useful and learning to contain those ebbs and flows is a goal we should all strive for. Having our moods on the inside but being mindful not to let them flow out into the larger world is a practice that can have huge effects in our individual lives.

There are many ways that we can consciously work to release the pressure of our moods without causing a disruption in the world around us. For me writing and a quiet environment are the best medicines I can give myself. My husband uses music in this same way, and I know others who find that exercise is their salvation

What are some ways that you can consciously release the pressure of a bad mood so that it does not unleash on the world around you?