New Beginnings Gift Set


This healing prescription is overflowing with symbolic medicine to celebrate, acknowledge, and bring blessings to a new beginning. This is the perfect gift to bring blessings to a birth, graduation, or any type of new move forward in life.

At the heart of these gift boxes is the award-winning book ‘ Lit from Within’ – a lyrical work of visionary fiction that tells the story of how we each arrive into the world with a guardian of the light at our side. 

This beautiful tale reminds us that we are all born with an inner light that will carry us through our lives when we know how to fan the flame…

Included in the gift box is a beautiful amethyst cluster that will bring peace and healing to any room it is placed in, and an amber bottle of Rose Oil to add to baby’s bath, Palo Santo stick, Abalone Shell, Blessing Bowl, and candle. 

** items included in some pictures but not included in basic blessing box but can be ordered separately and added to any box:

Amazonite Mala/Bracelet, Nest with single stone egg (to symbolize new growth)


The Rx for the Soul New Beginnings Blessing Gift Box