Pixie Dust

Yesterday I mentioned the 13th century Persian Poet Rumi. A reader wrote in and asked, “Why are there no modern day Rumis’ ?”  Its a fair question.  Although there does not seem to be an abundance of robed poets living in seclusion penning awesome quotes these days-there are absolute seers and prophets among us. We drink in their messages every single day-  and sometimes we do not even realize it.

A few nights ago my son and I watched the animated film ‘Rango’. Rango is the story of a chameleon who has spent most of his life in a cage as someone’s pet. Because there was no one for him to interact with, he creates a vivid inner life for himself. The plot of the movie begins when the aquarium that has always been Rango’s home, flies out of the family car during a move. The container that has been his world shatters on the desert floor. Rango is suddenly alone in a strange place and has to figure out what his purpose is.  Any one who has lived for a decade or four, can relate to how Rango is feeling… Things have just not turned out the way he always thought they would and now his real journey begins.

As I laid there with my son taking it in, there was one profound life lesson after another playing out across the screen. My favorite line in the movie comes at the end. Rango is devastated at what looks like his apparent failure. He tries to walk away from where he has ended up. At that point the ‘Spirit of the West’ begins to speak to him. The Spirit of the West is a paternal guiding figure that is stern but loving. As Rango begins walking away, he is told very matter of factly “No man can walk out of his own story.” This causes Rango to have an epiphany, and heeding this advice- he turns around and heads back toward his destiny. In doing so,  Rango finally embodies the hero that was living within him all along.

The prophets and sages of this world are everywhere and yes- as evidence by today’s quote even the naughty little imp Tinkerbell has  fairy dusted wisdom to share. Consider these words that she said to Peter Pan;

“You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming?

That’s where I’ll always love you, Peter Pan. That’s where I’ll be waiting-“

Truly, how much deeper and profound can it get? Do those words not gather up love, and hope, and sorrow – and tie them all together into one neat little bundle?  When we begin to have eyes that recognize truth, we see it everywhere… and Tink is right- all it takes is Faith, Trust, and Pixie dust.