Other Worlds

Give up all other worlds except the one to which you belong. David Whyte
Today’s quote is the perfect way to sum up the changes that have arrived here at Rx for the Soul. For more than two years straight I wrote a Daily Rx – and I learned that online writing is something that feeds my soul and allows me to touch readers I would never have another way to reach.
I have learned a lot about myself- and I have learned a lot about Social Media and the open World Wide Web. I have learned that they are great ways to get exposure, but not the best places to promote sincerity and a deeper connection between people. My new site annettechilds.com will offer the same concepts that the Daily Rx   always has, with the bonus of a more personal way to connect. The last few years of life have taught me that it is far more important to have the right followers than it is to have a lot of followers… hence the new site is a membership site- requiring that members sign in with their personal info and pay a small one time fee. Far more than promoting income, it promotes transparency…. which leads to all around authenticity.
You can find me, my new book release and the continuation of the Rx for the Soul blog  at annettechilds.com!