Holy Moments


Summer is a State of Mind…

We have spent the last few weeks landscaping our yard. It has been pretty magical to watch dirt transform into grass, and empty planters morph into containers of all sorts of interesting things.

Yesterday was the first day that the weather has really been warm enough to venture out and enjoy what we have worked so hard on.

Can I just say that if there was ever a child in this world, who could make good use of a large yard, our Ajay would be that child. He spent the first half of the morning drilling a soccer ball into the back of a net while his huffing and puffing father tried unsuccessfully to defend against him.

Lucky for Brian, around noon, the doorbell rang…We opened up the front door and just like ants showing up for a picnic, the neighborhood boys starting appearing… and before we knew it there were water balloons flying, garden hoses squirting, and Frisbees flinging….

And just like that… our new yard got christened with the energy of children greeting the summer….

 The best kind of holy never happens in church….