Everything Teaches


 Everything Teaches…

I don’t know how many Rx for the Soul readers are basketball fans, but if you aren’t- you should have been last night. Watching the National Championship game between Villanova and North Carolina was nothing less than intoxicating. I am not a fan proper of either team so I had no vested interest in the outcome. But watching this game come down to the very last millisecond of time- and one perfectly timed, perfectly executed, perfectly released shot- was the kind of poetry that all sports fans live for.

 On the flip side of that buzzer beater was a devastating loss for a team that was probably every bit as deserving of the win. Watching how that win was handled by North Carolina and hearing the losing coach’s graceful interview after the game was also the kind of poetry that every sports fan listens for.

I watched every interview and commentary that came on after the game ended- far longer than would ever be my norm.  I couldn’t get enough- the life lessons and wisdom were pouring out all over the place; players, coaches, and sportscasters, all moved into their highest selves by a really great sports moment. More poetry.

There are deep lessons everywhere in life.  We don’t need to meditate on mountaintops or cloister ourselves away in prayer to find meaning. The sacred, if we will look for it, exists around and among us every single moment.  Heck, last night I sat down expecting the National Championship basketball game – and instead I got poetry.

 Everything teaches.