Edge of the Roof

‘Sit, be still, and listen, because you are drunk and we’re at the edge of the roof.’ Rumi

If the universe could sit us down and give us a stern talking to when we need it, I imagine Rumi’s words in today’s quote would closely resemble the lecture we would receive.

We can all be terribly destructive when we are ‘drunk’ with our own knowing.  By this I mean, those times, when the world around us is clearly indicating to us that we are on the wrong path, yet we keep heading up the same hill over and over…. convinced that the problem is not that we are on the wrong path, but that someone keeps putting a hill wrongfully in our way. Sometimes we can stay in the, ‘that hill should not be there’ mindset for years…. tumbling back down that path endless times and blaming everything but ourselves for the wounds we acquire.

I suppose the important thing is to realize when that path truly starts to narrow. There is always a rumble before the quake… when the universe lets us know proper, that indeed, we are not only drunk, but we have now made our way to the edge of the roof. I have never known anyone who falls that has not looked back with hindsight and recognized that the edge had been there for quite some time before they finally toppled over it.

Rumi’s words today are truly some of my favorite ever- but they are most powerful when used with foresight. If we don’t really get them before that, chances are we will be reading them while flat on our backs, gazing up at the stars that are peeking from behind that rooftop.