Branches and Roots

‘Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots.’

Ah! Those branches sure do catch our attention… this world is full of them and they are so easy to hang blame on. When life is not reflecting back to us what we desire, it is human nature to look outside ourselves for the cause… and when we are eyeing a cause those branches quickly fill with all manner of things that do little more than wave in the wind and divert our attention.

The branches that we hang blame on are truly too numerous to count… but if we want our world to change we have to accept that those branches are usually barren of anything that will help us accomplish that change.  If we want transformation, we have to go to the roots. We have to dig deep and look at ourselves; our perceptions, our attitudes, our beliefs, and our willingness or unwillingness to pull what we need from those roots to produce the growth and change we want in our lives.

Neither the answer nor the problem are in the branches… they are always down in the roots.