Yesterday I wrote a little bit about the heart and the brain and I mentioned that the brain has gotten a whole lot of attention when it is actually the heart that often holds the reins. What exactly did I mean by that? Well I was speaking for the most part about the electro-magnetic qualities of the heart. When most of us think of electro-magnetic activity within the body we think of the brain. It is rather surprising to learn that the electrical field of the heart is roughly 100 times greater than the electrical field of the brain. That is impressive, but what is downright astounding is the fact that the magnetic field created by the heart is 5,000 times greater than the magnetic field around the brain. The world around us responds to the electro-magnetic fields that we carry- so in simplistic terms, your reality is built upon the grid of your electro-magnetic field and your heart is the main engineer of that grid. The heart actually has a language, albeit an electro-magnetic one.  Scientists have done extensive research and there are a myriad of ways that we can learn to speak (with our hearts) into the universe, in a way that creates something called coherence.