You are the Light

‘If you feel lost in the dark, remember you are the light.’

I spent last weekend attending a conference on consciousness studies – top scientists exploring the many ways that we can verify how human consciousness transcends physical death. To say that I was blown away would be an understatement. The conference was phenomenal, but the part that truly blew me away is likely not the obvious part. I have been a student of the afterlife sciences for most of my life and I have a landscape of personal life experiences that fortify a deep and abiding belief that death is nothing more than a doorway. What blew me away were the stories of those around me at the conference- not the researchers, but the families whose grief had brought them to this threshold.

On Saturday I sat next to a mother whose two young children were murdered by their father in 2012. Her entire world was irrevocable changed in a moment in the most traumatic way imaginable.  She told us her story and how her despair took her to the darkest place that she had ever known. I cried as I listened to this mother share not just the darkness that had brought her to this conference, but also the light she had found and was now sharing with others.

She had one choice- to either surrender to the darkness or to become  the light. I felt honored to sit next to her… it was a very well-lit place to sit.