All Wrapped Up

“A person all wrapped up in themselves makes for a mighty small package.”
Michael Bernard Beckwith

Such a timely quote during this season of giving, and a reminder that the greatest gift we have to offer anyone else is ourselves, in whatever form that may be; time, emotional support, a hand to hold, tolerance. Despite our circumstance or our budget, we all have something to give, and at any given moment, there is someone in our environment that needs what we have.

 I put this advice into practice earlier today. I was Christmas shopping and for once I was not running at break neck speed… I had a full hour before I had to be anywhere else and the purchase I was making marked the official end of my ‘to do’ list. After finding what I was looking for, I waited in a fairly long line to pay.  When it was my turn to step up to the counter, before the transaction could be registered there was an electronic hiccup that stopped the cashier in her tracks. She got really flustered, apologized profusely and spent several tense moments arguing with the unyielding electronic device in front of her. It was evident that she was bracing herself for a less than understanding response from me … which, by the way, I am fully capable of on some days. What I had to give to her today, was patience – it wasn’t earth shattering and I don’t for one minute think that it impacted her life in any significant way, but I could see that she was genuinely relieved when I responded to our dilemma with humor and a patient countenance.

When we get too wrapped up in ourselves we forget that there is always something that we have to give someone else.  Figure out who needs what you have today and give it.

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  1. As Joan and I prepare to fly to Seattle today for two weeks at our son’s home on Bainbridge Island, I give you Love, Doctor, and immense gratitude for the gift of your wisdom and your companionship on this journey.

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